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Cubensis Project – The perfect host.


The virtual hostess is the ideal support for high-impact advertising campaigns and as a quality differentiator for corporate and institutional presentations.

Cubensis is a specialist in the creation of virtual (or holographic) hostesses since 2010.

We have the experience to guarantee the best of results. Each part of the creation process is carefully taken care, using only the best materials and a perfected construction technique refined with experience.

The Cubensis virtual hostess offers the possibility of real time content update as the implementation of a presence sensor to trigger the messages.

In addition to this Cubensis is a pioneer in offering the ability to interact with the hostess through a interactive screen.


Cubensis Project bets on the interactivity in all the products that it develops, a characteristic that can not be lacking in our Virtual Azafata.

This virtual assistant mode arises to cover the needs of clients who need a real interaction with their audience. After making a personalized study of each case, and choosing how the interaction is going to occur, the Virtual Assistant is implemented in the software.

It is also possible to include other technologies such as motion analysis so that the virtual assistant perceives and activates automatically when a person passes by.

Consult with Cubensis Project about this holographic product designed to strengthen the corporate image and offer services to customers and users.


At Cubensis we develop our products to fully adapt to the needs of our customers. For this reason we have reduced the size of the product Virtual Hostess to implement it in locations with reduced space.
The advantages of the Mini Virtual Hostess imply an easier set-up without losing quality, since we always develop our products with the latest technology in the market.

Ask Cubensis about this holographic product designed to reinforce the corporate image and offer services to customers and users