Cubensis Project – Creation, installation and projection process

Production for Video Mapping Shows

Cubensis Project offers Video Mapping services starting from the initial script, Storyboard, creation of 3d content and postproduction. Finishing the technical realization of the event, nesting and projection.

Script & Storyboard

A Video Mapping begins writing the script and storyboard; Shaping the idea on paper.

3D mesh & Video creation

The 3D model is the basis on which we work for the realization of Video Mapping content. After a technical visit to the site, Cubensis Project creates a digital mesh based on the surface of the building on which the mapping will be projected.

Audiovisual Installation

The choice and location of projectors is one of the most important factors when it comes to video mapping. Cubensis Project is responsible for locating and installing the proyectors for each specific case. This work is either done as consultancy or with the show production.

Video mapping projection

Finally Cubensis Project, besides being specialized in the integration of audiovisual content, regardless of the type of architectural morphology, provides integral support during the projection of video mapping, ensuring the highest quality thanks to the experience that supports us. If you are thinking about holding an event with video mapping consult us and request a quote.