Cubensis Project – Viralize and share your events on Social Networks

Tweetrachinas is the new interactive tool developed by Cubensis Project to bring the technological and entertainment touch to events, presentations and performances.

Designed in the shape of traditional but large slingshot, the Tweetrachinas has a Smartphone integrated in its middle part. Through this device is where the attendees to the event write the Tweets that will be sent to the official account that the client has previously predisposed.

The “Tweet’s launching” is done through a laser incorporated in one of the ends of the Tweetrachines. This is activated by pulling the rubber band of the slingshot with it possible to point inside the projection surface to see where you want to send the message.

Once they are launched, each Tweet will “crash” against the screen and will be reflected in it, being able to carry the corporate logo, an animation and / or photo, audio or video content. The Tweet is published in real time creating threads of conversation through Hashtag, campaigns to promote a product, viralize content or simply share an event or party through Twitter using this interactive tool.

The Tweetrachinas product is completely customizable for every situation. If you want a personalized quote you can get in touch with us.