Sala VIP Ballantine’s – Interactive Installation

Last December 12 the 40 Principales Ballantine’s Awards were held at the Barclaycard Center of Madrid. We had the chance to be there thanks to the Agency Método Helmer. For this occasion the agency conceived a singular space for the VIP room, the room 84 had to be totally transformed. They counted on Cubensis as a technology provider for the task.

The ceiling of the room consisted of an array of 50 modules interconnected by Arduino. With 1000 points fiber optic spot lighting projectors connected to 5 and 200 bulbs dimmable LED controlled from six DMX nodes.
In the same room we stacked a 4×2 meter LED screen and a “Kinect” system detected up to 2 persons transforming them into his ‘light bulb’ alter ego.

This wonderful space only existed for a few hours, if you did not have the opportunity to be in this ephemeral place can watch the video below to get an idea of ​​how it turned out.