Release the music with in yourself - Ballantine's App - Cubensis Project


Release the music with in yourself – Ballantine’s App

The Helmer method agency challenged us a few months ago to create software that would transform people’s hands into music. The App was part of its upcoming “Ballantine’s Plan” campaign.

Cubensis Project has developed an application that, through a technology of fingerprint recognition, the user is able to contemplate how the palm of his hand instantly transformed into a song.

To compose the music of the application we counted on the musician Santiago Abadía. From that music, we craedo a software able to adapt the shape of each hand in a different song. In addition, the artist Carlos Jean, entrusted to Santiago Abadía a simple mission: to create a bank of sounds and a musical structure where all the styles had to be able to mix with each other.

Another requirement that the Method Helmer agency asked us for the application is that it be multiplatform for Smartphones (iOS, Android and Blackberry).

In this video you can see the app in operation.