Puffersphere in the new headquarters of LaLiga - Cubensis Project


 The new headquarters of LaLiga 2018 has opened its doors in Madrid. For this they have had the latest technology in digitizing events, including the Puffersphere of Cubensis Project.

Our content and animation department has worked hard to recreate the Earth with the shields of the most important football teams. It is about several renders that transform the planet into several phases to end up becoming the official ball of LaLiga.

This action is part of the new event digitization catalog of Cubensis Project. The agency that contacted us was EDT. Thanks to them, we were able to provide our technological seal.

A projected sphere called Puffersphere.

This is not the first time that Cubensis Project works with this tool. Designed for a projector to shape its image on a large sphere, this product has many applications.

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