Cubensis Project has traveled to the Mundo Abreu fair in Lisbon to install three interactive booths at KLM and Air France.

The products requested through the Ithaca CyM agency have been a touchwall Touchwall, a Quiz App Game with aromas and a photobooth. Over two days, hundreds of people have passed through the stand where the two airlines were promoted.

The interactive claim has been very successful and has achieved its main objectives: to entertain and promote brands. Three Interactive Stand Held from March 10 to 11, 2018, the Fair has had the following product catalog of Cubensis Project:

  1. Touchawall: is the tool that turns any flat surface into a touch. In this case, it has been used to transmit to the public the commitment with the environment that the airline has. Through the development of Cubensis, animated presentations with enfects guided by an air hostess can be made.
  2. Quiz App: For the Air France stand, a gamified application was developed in which the contestants had to discover through smells, what country it was from.
  3. Photobooth: KLM wanted the attendees to take a souvenir in the form of a photograph. The totem, the development of the interface and the creation of the app was developed in Cubensis Project.

If you want more information about the interactive services for stands or develop ad hoc ideas, you can contact us.

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