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Digital Signage World

This is our second year in a row a exhibitor in the Digital Signage World exposition help at IFEMA in Madrid from October the 17 to 19 th with Alter3sesenta as partner company.

In our stand we showed some of our latest creations. Among them “Forma 3D Presentation” our professional presentation system controlled by tactile sphere of our partners Alter3sesenta and show in a high definition PlasmaWall.

We also presented some of the products that have attractes more attention lately: The “Virtual Hostess” and the “Magic Book”

One of our “Virtual Hostesses” is now presenta at Barajas Airport at Iberia’s Check-in area. In our stand we presented it’s “sister” a 100% customizable hostess built to fulfill our clients  communication requirements.

Another of the products that called attention of the attendants was the magic book, a projected catalogue of Cubensis’ an d Alter3sesenta’s products.

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Digital Signage World

Cubensis Project en asociación con Alter3sesenta  asistió como expositor a la feria «Digital Signage World» de 2012

El evento tuvo lugar los días 17, 18 y 19 de octubre en el Ifema de Madrid. «Digital Signage World» es una feria donde se presentan las nuevas herramientas de comunicación digital en el medio exterior.

Como novedad en esta feria Cubensis mostró su software para presentaciones interactivas «Forma3D Presentation» y desplegó todo su potencial en una espectacular pantalla envolvente controlada por una esfera interactiva.