Cubensis Project – Kinect: Thoughts and Digital Signage



Cubensis puts at your disposal the ultimate Kinect technology so that you can enjoy our Thoughts.

Cubensis Project Thoughts are one of the most demanded Kinect games by our clients. Liven events, presentations and photocalls up or design exciting promotional actions.

Thanks to the Digital Thoughts versatility, you can personalize them in every sense. From the shape and size of the bullets, to the content of the claims, phrases and copywriting. You can also chose the size of the device where the action is broadcasted (flat screens, videowalls…)

Tell us your idea to create an effective branding an communication canpaing. We design and make custom Kinect games so that it can suit the requirements of your event as well as you attendants. They won´t be able to stop walking across the screen!

The best way to understand this product is by watching the video that you will find in this page. This video shows how different clients have used the tool in their event. By seeing the various contexts in which the product is displayed you will be able to understand how you could adjust it to your project.


Capturing the attention of the public we are going for is the synonym for a successful spreading of the product or branding campaign or promotional action. For this reason, it is essential to use brand new, surprising digital promotion formats. Cubensis Project presents Kinect Digital Signage, the digital signage that applies motion detection to the digital posters we all know.

We have developed a Digital Signage system which analyses passers-by movement and presence generating a following feeling. This combination of sensations result in an immersive effect that impacts the final user. The goal is to create a once in a lifetime experience to the people.

Through these type of digital promotion actions you will be able to create a positive impact about the product or event that is advertised. Your brand will chase literally and psychologically your consumer thanks to this atypical advertising format.

Increase your sales with Kinect Digital Signage, the Signage that chases you.