Augmented Reality - Cubensis Project

Augmented Reality

Cubensis Project – Applicaciton development, Magic Book and XXL Installations


The limit in Augmented Reality is your imagination: merge 3D animations, videos or games with the real world.
Add information and make your users have an enduting experience of your brand and company with an experience they will never forget.

We work on augmented reality projects for advertising and catalogs, focused on increasing sales and facilitating purchasing decision processes. Our apps are oriented to profit and generate business for your company.


In Cubensis Project we have created a XXL Magic Book version.

This interactive installation is designed for shows; The Magic Book XXL was the framework where you can illustrate a story or concept.

Its possibilities are infinite and manages to surprise the public and get the much desired Wow effect.


At Cubensis we continue to reinterpret the possibilities offered by technology. In this case we have turned augmented reality and mapping.

We have merged these two techniques to illustrate a book and endow it with ‘life’. The possibilities offered by this new technique are several, from adding explanations to book, add videos between texts, illustrate a story, etc ….