Save The Children's Shame Counter to Bring Refugees - Cubensis Project

Save the Children has proposed that the Central Government meet the quota of refugees it has promised to host in our country. The NGO, along with the artist Raúl Armenteros has given the best way to denounce this situation and that is why they devised the Counter of Shame.

It is a booth located in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid in which Cubensis Project has actively participated in the installation of meters and the necessary hardware and software. In it you can see the days that are missing so that the Executive of Mariano Rajoy will fulfill his promise that expires next September 26. In addition, Cubensis Project has installed a counter where passersby can enter their data to sign the petition, which automatically adds to the rest of signatures already achieved.

The impact of this booth inaugurated on Saturday, June 24 is very important. Numerous media outlets echoed the news, and the number of signatures has almost doubled in just over two days. Under the motto #VididYa, the booth of Save the Children denounces the omission of the duty acquired by the Government of Spain to bring 17,337 war refugees

Also you can sign directly in the next link: Save The Children.