Rafa Nadal becomes legend and immortalized as a Virtual figure in the Museum Xperience - Cubensis Project

Rafa Nadal has done it again, he has won for the tenth time Rolland Garros Championship making that he enter in the Olympus of the most important athletes in history and becoming a legend. At Cubensis Project we are fortunate to have worked with the Manacor Champion on several occasions thanks to our participation for the second consecutive year in the creation of interactive installations, products and simulators for the Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience.

In the absence of our technical team finishing the last details of the most international museum in Mallorca, Komodo Agency asked the content department of Cubensis Project to fly to the island to shoot a Virtual figure of the tennis player who will receive Visitors to the museum.

In the video that we share with you, you can see the shoot and the final result of the virtual assistant who has the figure of Rafa Nadal. Located in a place of honor next to the most important trophies achieved by the Balearic throughout his professional career, now our next challenge is to know where to make a hollow of honor for this new cup of musketeers.

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