Leave your mark with the touch screen signature - Cubensis Project


The Kick Off Vodafone 2017 event held at the Marriot Auditorium Hotel in Madrid and organized by WF Event counted for its evening cocktail with a Book of Touch Signatures. Following the thread of union of the day that gathered thousands of engineers of the telecommunications company, after enjoying the Magic Book Cubensis Project during the day, with the night came the turn to leave their mark signing on a touch screen.

While enjoying the party, the guests found a touch screen with software specially developed for the occasion in the form of a tome. Once they signed his signature in the “Book” it appeared instantly in two projections on the walls.

The Book of Signatures has been a success that compiled more than 250 rubrics in the time that lasted the event. In addition, Cubensis Project created a personalized web page in the form of a magazine where all the signings made by attendees to Kick Off Vodafone 2017 are compiled.

If you want to expand information about the event, here we leave the information on the first part of it where Cubensis Project made a Magic Book customized for Vodafone.+INFO