Introducing Touch Wall by Cubensis Project! - Cubensis Project

Cubensis Project presents its new Touch Wall product.

Our R & D department has worked hard to launch the new Touch Wall product offered by Cubensis Project starting this May. As it could not be otherwise, we have already launched it thanks to the event held by IE Business School in the Slaughterhouse (Matadero) of Madrid.

The agency Mouse Producción contacted us to provide a striking and innovative technological solution for the LawX event of Instituto de Empresa. Cubensis Project provided the Touch Wall hardware and software needed to convert a 7-meter-long 3-by-long Led screen into a tactile interactive surface. Thanks to this development, attendees can access different multimedia content with the back of their hand without the need for a touch screen.

The new Touch Wall tool has been created to be able to touch any surface: screens, walls, floors, ceilings, tables and, in definitiiva any flat surface where you want to project or broadcast interactive contents. Their applications for events, performances and presentations are endless, as well as their ability to create gamified actions.