Fog Screen - Cubensis Project

A fog screen was the one in charge to welcome the attendees to the event of the bank Credit Suisse that took place in the Real Theater of Madrid the past month of March.

Be Part counted on Cubensis Project to carry out the integral production and the projection of audiovisual contents. With the aim of giving a new approach that surprised the public from the first moment it was decided to install a fog machine in the main entrance. The guests enjoyed the welcome images projected onto the machine while they were shocked as they passed under the threshold.

The fog screen is the only screen that can be traversed as it works with natural vaporized water. There is no moisture sensation since it is a dry vapor that produces a fresh and pleasant sensation when passing underneath. The quality of the image is of high quality since the machine generates a fine screen in which to be able to enjoy the projections.

If you want more information about how to mount a fog screen for your event or show contact us here.

Photos of the event held at the Teatro Real: