3D Development, Wireframe, Laser Graffiti, Augmented Reality. April 2017 Summary - Cubensis Project

April has been an intense month at the offices of Cubensis Project. We have carried out several projects with large clients that have taken us very hard to offer them a final product of quality.

Our design and development department has done 3D graphics, wireframes to perform mappings, Augmented Reality applications based on facial recognition to create an interactive photomontage and audiovisual contents for museums.

But not all the work has been done within the comfort of the office. During the month of April, Cubensis Project traveled to Pineda de Mar to carry out the permanent installation of the product Pensamietos in the new interactive office of this locality. We have also been partying with Master Dry Gin for several Spanish discos and, finally, we have put our grain of sand to commemorate the end of the commemoration of the Fourth Centenary of Cervantes’ death with the realization of a Laser Graffiti.

You can see all these works individually in our blog and YouTube channel