We left party with Dry Gin and Augmented Reality - Cubensis Project

Master Dry Gin is in the middle of promoting its flagship product and has counted on Momentum Worldwide and Cubensis Project to create an innovative and hilarious photomaton.

Developed by our software team, this augmented reality product uses Face Recognition 3D technology to detect the faces of those who pass through the machine and transform them into different fictional characters depending on the audience’s choices.

You choose if you prefer to be a rocker or a fan of disco music; Become a prince or a beard and motorcycle bag; Or if you put romance above being the king of terror. This interactive installation is actually a real-time video, which makes a facial recognition of the person in front of the camera. According to the choice of each one, it creates a mask of 3D graphics applying the technology of Augmented Reality. To complete the experience, all those who participate in this “photomaton” receive three photos printed with their three choices, plus the Master Dry Gin logo . In addition, if they write their mail they receive the complete video that they can download from a page specially created for this action.

We want to share with you the event that took place in one of the nightclubs in Valencia where Master Dry Gin had this integral installation and technical support of Cubensis Project.