Thoughts on the new interactive tourism office of Pineda de Mar - Cubensis Project

The City of Pineda de Mar has renovated its Tourist Office and has made it the first interactive Tourist Office by Telefónica On The Spot and Cubensis Project. For the inauguration was installed two Videowalls of Thoughts Cubensis Project, a larger temporary located outside the office and another permanent videowall in the interior whose purpose will be to give information to the tourists that approach the city of Barcelona.

The interactive tool Pensamientos detects the image and the movement of the visitors that are put in front of the Kinect camera and these appear in the screen where they are projected sandwiches of thoughts with messages on everything that offers Pineda de Mar. The equipment of development of Cubensis Project implemented the possibility of changing the language of the information balloons by making a simple gesture with the hand on the Spanish, English, French and Catalan flags.

Cubensis Project realizes Thoughts always oriented to the needs of the place where they are installed, that is why Telefónica on the Spot has counted on us. Cubensis has adapted its digital product to become an interactive tool geared to tourism and whose daily use will serve to publicize the secrets of the town of Pineda de Mar.