Discover a part of what Cubensis Project has done during March 2017.

This month has been a constant journey through the Spanish geography that has taken us to visit Catalonia, Basque Country and Chile (via Madrid). Three different agencies have asked us for three of Cubensis Project’s flagship products: Virtual Stewardess, Thoughts and Digital Graffiti.

Part of our team traveled to Pineda de Mar, in the province of Barcelona, ​​to carry out the installation and configuration of Pensamientos Cubensis Project. Pensamientos is an interactive product that mixes entertainment and multi-language information and that Telefónica has requested us on the occasion of the next opening of the new tourist office of the Catalan town.

Our personalized virtual hostess traveled to the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao to welcome attendees of the 2017 Iberdrola Shareholder Day. MV Group & Go got in touch with us to carry out the shooting of the stewardess and the subsequent installation and configuration in the Basque Country.

Finally we made a metaphorical trip to Chile with scale in the Kitchen Club of Madrid in the event of Digital Graffiti “Postcards from Chile”. The artist Jorge Albert was in charge with Cubensis Project to perform a show with our Digital Painting technology that left the audience very impressed.

These are just some of the actions that Cubensis Project has made throughout this month of March and we are already immersed in new and equally fascinating projects that will take place in this month of April.

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