Iberdrola Virtual Hostess - Cubensis Project

Virtual Azafata Iberdrola

The day of the shareholder 2017 of Iberdrola was celebrated in the Euskalduna Palace of Bilbao. This venue has been the stage chosen to hold this year’s general meeting, a special occasion in which, in addition, the energy company has made available to its investors multiple activities among which highlighted the Virtual Hostess of Cubensis Project.

The virtual hostess was in charge of receiving the large shareholders of Iberdrola and through an audiovisual message welcomed the new arrivals while explaining the values ​​and commitments of the company. Located, therefore, in a strategic point, the stewardess of Cubensis was one of the facilities that surprised the attendants generating a direct impact and generating very positive reactions among the public.

For this reason MV Group & Go has once again counted on the interactive products of Cubensis Project. On this occasion the event agency opted for a model of virtual hostess personalized especially for this day of shareholder 2017. The recording of audiovisual content was made in Madrid and a team made the silhouette of the flight attendant as the model. Once in Bilbao coordinated with MV Group the installation of the same in a prominent place.