Postcards from Chile - Graffiti Digital - Cubensis Project

“Postcards from Chile” – Artist: Jorge Albert

The tourism office in Chile has had the tool Graffiti Digital Cubensis Project and the artist from Madrid Jorge Albert. For the performance of the live show “Postcards from Chile”.

For this event Cubensis organized with the graffitero a “trip” through the Chilean territory. Through digital postcards with the most tourist places in the country, the public has been able to know from north to south, all that can not be missed if they travel to this destination.

Digital Graffiti is made possible by the interactive development created by Cubensis Project. Through a projection on a backlit screen it is possible to capture the wishes of the artist with the different types of brushes and color palette of the tool.

The show “Postcards from Chile” that has taken place in the Kitchen Club of Madrid, has been developed through the illustrations and graffities of Jorge Albert. Each postcard was a special territory of Chilean geography and the graffitero put names to places that are not to be missed.

The digital graffiti tool serves not only for artists who master the technique, but for all types of audiences, even for children. That is why, at the end of the show, the public was able to prove first hand this development of Cubensis Proyect, one of the interactive experiences and most demanded by our customers in our Paintint product catalog.